Teen Adoptee Virtual Group

My personal experience as an adoptee gives me a unique perspective and understanding of the complexities related to adoption. Knowing that I was not alone

The adopted teen support group meets every other Tuesday in the evening. The support group is open to adopted teens ages 13-18 years. Common adoption issue topics of the group include adoption bullying, identity, adoption loss, feeling different from adoptive parents, birth parents, and adoption reunions. I lead the group discussion to help the teens find insight, guidance on problem-solving, and education on adoption issues.

Parents of teens should call for information on the teen group prior to their teen attending their first group meeting to learn if the adoptee group would be a good match for their teen.

At this time, the group is pending due to membership numbers.

What is the difference between Group Therapy and a Support Group?

Support Groups and Group Therapy both offer a safe place to explore important issues. It is important, however, to understand the difference between the two.

Group therapy is led by a therapist or group counselor, and is generally structured around an issue. The therapist guides the group through a program as the group works together to better understand thoughts and feelings. Experienced therapists lead psychotherapy groups for various ages, such as adults, and specific issues including anger management, anxiety, and coping skills.

Support groups are usually facilitated by a therapist or counselor, but can also be led by members with lived experiences. Generally, a support group is less structured than a therapy group. Support groups bring together members to provide support and strength to each other, often around a common challenge such as addiction or grief.

Most therapy groups will meet for a fixed length of time with a consistent group of members, while many support groups meet for an indefinite period of time with members coming and going.